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Breathtaking Photography offers on-location, natural light photography in Alton, Illinois and the surrounding St. Louis Metro area. Offering birth photography and portraiture.

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Monday, November 3, 2008

A Mama in Waiting

I don't normally do maternity sessions but I'm open to the idea for birth clients. This is K and her daughter M. They are just beautiful, beautiful girls. I cannot wait for the birth in early December! These are a few sneak peeks for her with my old editing style. I'm taking a sort of seminar this coming week and I'm very excited to be learning some new tricks before editing her full session.





MamaMia said...

You should continue to do these sessions! It turned out great!

emaroo said... should't have admitted you were open to doing them! haha! I am SOOO going to convince you to do mine!

Chelle said...

You have such a talent! Definitely should include these as part of your photography sessions :)