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Breathtaking Photography offers on-location, natural light photography in Alton, Illinois and the surrounding St. Louis Metro area. Offering birth photography and portraiture.

Photography that will literally take your breath away.


Sunday, March 30, 2014

New Website! New BLOG!

Life, it is a changin'.... all the time it seems. Breathtaking, too. We now have a new web domain AND an integrated blog both of which can be seen by clicking here!

Please come check out what's happening there in 2014! 


Friday, April 19, 2013

New Birth Pricing for 2013! | St. Louis Metro Birth Photography

Hello lovely followers! I'm excited to see Spring in the air. All that green and sunshine and warmth (ignore the tiny flurries in the air this morning!) makes me want to get outside and dig in the earth. I've currently got beets and melons sprouting and tomatoes not far behind. I absolutely love when the ground begins to wake up.

Speaking of waking up, Breathtaking has been on a bit of a hiatus for a few months (I'm sure at least a FEW people noticed!). I took a little breather, just like our friend Mother Nature, and now I'm waking back up and I feel so refreshed and renewed! It's time to get shooting my friends, and I'm super excited to get started again!

As such, here's some new birth photography pricing for 2013. I've simplified things and created a nifty little flipbook to share the information. There will soon be a new blog and website to go with it... so keep some eyes out. I like to give away things and run specials when I'm debuting a new, fun thing (new fun things are what keep me groovin'!)

I can't wait to see you all! I've missed you.


Sunday, October 14, 2012

Newborn Madness! | Alton Illinois Newborn & Baby Photographer

I adore newborn sessions. Yes, they're a lot more work (well, maybe not more than a busy 18 month old's session....) and they make me sweat (literally), but I do love me some sweet-soft baby smell. And I'm not having any more of my own tiny, squalling offspring so it's delightful to enjoy someone else's pink bundle of joy for a few hours! Plus, it's a fun challenge to think up new ideas to showcase the tiny precious bubs on camera and in print.

So imagine my sheer delight at not having one, not two, but three newborn sessions over the last several months. I took most of the summer off for a nasty illness and a huge rehab/move-in project but I made time to squeeze these ladies into my calendar. And I'm so glad I did.....

Monday, October 1, 2012

Shooting at the Milton Schoolhouse! | Alton, Illinois Senior Photographer

Good gracious this is possibly the most neglected aspect of my business- blogging! I love blogging sessions, but I have to guiltily admit that I often drop this in favor of Facebook to save myself time. Facebook doesn't pull up on Google though, and there are just tooooo many people in Alton who don't yet know I exist (and we have to change that!)

So let me start by telling you some exciting news! I'm now renting an adorable space in the Milton Schoolhouse here in Alton. It's a historic (and reportedly haunted) building and the plethora of shooting spaces make my head spin. I've been particularly enjoying my senior sessions there this fall! We've been splitting our time between the building and an outdoor location... with amazing results. Check them out- my 2013 senior reps!

More shoots coming soon! I took most of the summer off, first to be really sick with a nasty systemic strep infection and then to rehab and move into a gigantic monstrosity of a house in upper Alton. I've got some really fun stuff on the books and a few sweet newborns to catch up on so keep your eyes out for more coming up!


Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Newsletter Goodness!

It's about time I jumped on this bandwagon! Powered by Mad Mimi, I am in the process of creating a newsletter for Breathtaking clients and fans. If you'd like to stay in the know about promotions, special pricing, discounts, mini specials, boudoir parties, and the like PLUS get to know a little about me and my business PLUS get to see some behind the scenes PLUS get the low-down on my favorite businesses around Alton, give it a try. You can always unsubscribe if you find it's not your cup of tea! ;)

Just fill in your full name and email address and click the button! You can always find this at the top of every blog post, as well. Enjoy! I'm scheming up fantastic posts so don't miss it. I get a little kick back if you sign your business up for Mad Mimi through this link, so if you're interested please do me the kindness. I highly recommend the service! It's fast, easy, and very reasonably priced. You can even try it out for free (and/or maintain a free account if you don't need a ton of contacts!)

Thanks for being the best clients out there!


Sunday, May 6, 2012

Skinny Mini in June Shoot LOCATIONS! | Alton Boutique Photography

By now, I'm hoping you've heard about my Skinny Mini in June promotion. If not, hop over here and read about it. When I was brainstorming this idea, it occurred to me that in order to give all my clients the very best I've got in just 30 minutes of shooting, it would serve us well to go to locations I know like the back of my hand. Not to mention, two of them are my absolute favorite shoot locations in the Alton area! I consistently get good light and amazing images out of these places. After a couple of inquiries, it became clear that what we needed was a blog post, with examples (!), to help you make a selection! So, without further ado, here are your THREE locations to choose from, if you make the excellent decision to book a Skinny Mini this June.

Location One: Beautifully wooded, close to town, just a little off the beaten path so very quiet and private. Beautiful fields and a stunning canopy of trees that arch over the mulched pathways. I don't give out the name very often. If other photogs knew about it we would be over run! *wink*

Location Two: Not very hard to figure out! The beautiful campus of LCCC. Easy to find, lots of variety. Wide open, landscaped spaces plus beautiful old stone architecture. Many of my clients love this location and it's in my top three. 

Location Three: Also not hard to decipher! Beautiful downtown Alton. You probably drive through it on a regular basis if you're reading this blog post. And while it becomes a sort of background to those of us who live in our little river town, it's really really stunning on camera. Old brick, unique backdrops, iron benches, cozy doorways (with amazing light!), and little ally ways give you a hip, interesting (and different) look for your session. 

Dog Farts! | Alton Children and Family Photographer

I get pretty attached to most of "my" families, but this one in particular has a special place in my heart. They are the perfect blend of sweet, funny, and absolutely perfect in front of the camera. I have many, many tricks up my sleeves to help my clients relax and loosen up in front of my lens (did you know it's totally normal to feel uncomfy? you're not alone!) and these four just Well, maybe Carson. You can't tell it from the following images, but he takes a few minutes to warm up to me. Now, a few weeks ago I had a session with one of my other really difficult three year olds and what finally worked to get some grins was teasing him about his dog farting. On a whim, I said to Carson.... "Do I need to say DOG FARRRRRT?!"....and.... it totally worked! Instant funny guy. Love.

Enjoy. I did. :)