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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Second Shooter {Wichita Newborn Photographer}

Today I had the fun of joining my apprentice, Chelle, at a newborn session. I have been helping her learn about photography for the past few months and I greatly enjoy watching her grow as well as gaining a free assistant at my own shoots! ;) If you hire me for portrait sessions, you'll probably get to meet her!

Miss A's wonderfully laid back parents were game for pretty much anything and they allowed me to take a few shots of my own. As I have several newborn sessions coming up it was great to touch up my skills! What a darling baby girl! At 8 weeks I was a little worried we'd have a big mess on our hands. Newborn sessions are really best done in the first two weeks before babies get....well, a little more "preference" on what they will and won't let you do! They just sleep, eat, and poop on me when they're tiny. But this bitty one was putty in our hands. The sweetness might just slay you...hang on! Watch out for those lips.....

In Our Hands


Bright Eyes!

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