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Sunday, December 6, 2009

Teeny Little Guy | Wichita Newborn Photographer

Today I got to meet Mr. E. He's the newest son of my friend Heather, who we got to see here in the Fall. He's a tiny baby boy, weighing in at 5 pounds 11 ounces at his birth 5 whole days ago. Despite some pretty crummy weather today (freezing cold and drizzling, anyone?) I managed to scope decent light in their dining room. Mr. E was quite the little gentleman and happily snoozed through our session. Heather has had a pretty hard year and she's been nominated for Giving is Awesome by a mutual friend. And as she's my ONLY nominee at the moment (for shame you guys!!!!) and Eli had to be born early we went ahead and got the newborn session under our belts just in case she wins. Of course, if my wonderful readers send me some more names and Heather does not win she still gets a free newborn session so that's not too bad a consolation prize, huh? ;)

Ho Ho Ho! Merrrrry Christmas!!!!

Ho Ho Ho

He did this head prop all on his own, no Photoshop required! Silly five day old baby thinks he's big enough to hold that head up (and kept trying to wiggle away from me anytime I put him on his belly!!!)

Head prop

I can spot a breech baby a mile away (Mr. E turned head down just a couple of weeks before birth). My twins were born like this and to this day, 18 months later, they like to sit with their legs like this!


A tiny cocoon....

Tiny Fist

I had so much fun laughing with you guys today Heather. Thanks again so much for letting me stop by and take up your afternoon. :)


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