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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Mr. E and His Family | Wichita Photographer

I heard from Mr. E's Mom Heather last week. She was hoping we could swap out E's Giving Is Awesome six month session for a family session in this beautiful Spring weather. I was more than happy to oblige her! Last night, we met up and this is what I found:


Um, hello E. You've certainly gotten big! Isn't he beautiful? The choirs of angels are singing.

And here he is with ALL his siblings. Heather and I were laughing last night about how similar our lives are. Our children are fairly similarly spaced (except she doesn't have twins) and our chaos mirrors each other...

Five Littles

And here's the WHOLE family, in two different settings. Cannot believe I actually got all of them to look at me and (mostly) smile. I was on a roll!

Family of Seven!

And I'd like to ask for your prayers on Heather's behalf this morning. Eli had to go to the ER for a high fever. With his present medical conditions this could be serious. We're hoping it's nothing and he returns home this afternoon well.

Lots of Love,

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