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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Newborn Madness! | Alton Illinois Newborn & Baby Photographer

I adore newborn sessions. Yes, they're a lot more work (well, maybe not more than a busy 18 month old's session....) and they make me sweat (literally), but I do love me some sweet-soft baby smell. And I'm not having any more of my own tiny, squalling offspring so it's delightful to enjoy someone else's pink bundle of joy for a few hours! Plus, it's a fun challenge to think up new ideas to showcase the tiny precious bubs on camera and in print.

So imagine my sheer delight at not having one, not two, but three newborn sessions over the last several months. I took most of the summer off for a nasty illness and a huge rehab/move-in project but I made time to squeeze these ladies into my calendar. And I'm so glad I did.....

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