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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

A Gorgeous Bit of Pink! {Wichita Newborn and Children's Photographer}

Today I had the pleasure of photographing Baby Sofia. She's an absolute doll baby. I mean, I could do anything to her and she just sucked on her hands and stared at me. What a trooper! She's a tiny bit of pink that reminds me so much of my sweet Claire. And we couldn't leave big sister out, so I took some really darling images of her, as well. Mom says she's having a hard time adjusting to no longer holding the position of family baby but I know in no time they're going to be best buds. Enjoy!





1 comment:

Stephanie I. said...

Oh Chantel.. They are absolutely beautiful.. I have tears in my eyes they are so sweet! I can't thank you enough!