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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Skinny Mini in June Shoot LOCATIONS! | Alton Boutique Photography

By now, I'm hoping you've heard about my Skinny Mini in June promotion. If not, hop over here and read about it. When I was brainstorming this idea, it occurred to me that in order to give all my clients the very best I've got in just 30 minutes of shooting, it would serve us well to go to locations I know like the back of my hand. Not to mention, two of them are my absolute favorite shoot locations in the Alton area! I consistently get good light and amazing images out of these places. After a couple of inquiries, it became clear that what we needed was a blog post, with examples (!), to help you make a selection! So, without further ado, here are your THREE locations to choose from, if you make the excellent decision to book a Skinny Mini this June.

Location One: Beautifully wooded, close to town, just a little off the beaten path so very quiet and private. Beautiful fields and a stunning canopy of trees that arch over the mulched pathways. I don't give out the name very often. If other photogs knew about it we would be over run! *wink*

Location Two: Not very hard to figure out! The beautiful campus of LCCC. Easy to find, lots of variety. Wide open, landscaped spaces plus beautiful old stone architecture. Many of my clients love this location and it's in my top three. 

Location Three: Also not hard to decipher! Beautiful downtown Alton. You probably drive through it on a regular basis if you're reading this blog post. And while it becomes a sort of background to those of us who live in our little river town, it's really really stunning on camera. Old brick, unique backdrops, iron benches, cozy doorways (with amazing light!), and little ally ways give you a hip, interesting (and different) look for your session. 

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