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Sunday, March 28, 2010

A Darling One Year Old | Wichita Baby Photographer

Do you remember Giving is Awesome? Tiny Mr. E. is out of the hospital and home with his family though he's still a long way from being "well". Continued prayers for his family.

Today it came time to visit Christie and her daughter Ivy. Christie was my sole Giving is Awesome nominator (hey, next year you people need to get on the ball, you hear me!?). She put Heather up for the award and in turn won a free session for herself! Now, I've shot Ivy and her big sister Mia before and they are seriously cute girls! I haven't seen Ivy since I dropped off Christie's prints (yes, I'm a full service photographer!) and she was a chubby 6 month old. Today she's a walking, talking 14 month old beauty! And she's still terrified of my camera. :/ We did have some luck getting her to warm up but our images are mostly Serious Ivy. I hope Mama still loves them anyway.... ;)

Not sure about this photographer.....

Her eyes are beautiful pools of dark brown. They're so deep and rich they are almost black. BEAUTIFUL!

Hmmmm, maybe warming up just a little bit.... ;)

Thanks again Christie for nominating Heather. I know she appreciates having a lasting memory of sweet Mr. E during what is turning out to be a challenging year. Hanging out with you girls this morning certainly cheered me up! I will have the rest of these to you shortly. :)


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