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Thursday, April 7, 2011

More Snow! And my own beautiful children | Alton Portrait Photographer

I warned my children before we moved back to Alton from Texas. They were just SURE it would snow and they would get to play in it. I told them not to count on it. That it may not snow again and they might have to wait until next winter. But Mother Nature didn't let them down! We woke more than once to beautiful, fat, wet flakes of snow coming down hard and fast. Funny thing is, with us being from the South and not really needing much in the way of snow gear, they didn't last long out there! ;) So instead we decided to drive around town and enjoy watching the snow fall. We'd just moved and everything was new and exciting so I drove them up to the Christian Hill historic district to see Riverview Park and oh my.... Thank goodness I brought along my camera!!! Check it-





Gabe and Hannah were the only ones to volunteer to get out of the warm car, ditch the hot chocolate, and stand in the freezing wind for a few snaps. Not to be outdone though, it snowed AGAIN and Noah, who recently turned six (when!? how!? he was just born!!!) bravely went outside in our vine covered, snowy backyard so I could record the occasion.

I love this child...




Isn't this just what childhood is all about right here? Happy Sigh.


Happy to be going back to work soon! Can't wait to meet my new clients and their breathtaking families. :)


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