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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

It Snows in Illinois! | Alton Children's Photographer

Even in March! And yes, this is not really big news to me. I grew up in Alton so I'm familiar with how March likes to roar in like a Lion around here. She went out like the tamest of lambs, too, as it's now a balmy and very green 65-70 most days. And I'm ready to start shooting again! I've now opened the May calendar to sessions, so hit me up and let's get something on the books.

In the mean time, enjoy my eldest daughter and her new friend Reece (the daughter of a high school chum that lives around the corner from our new house- both generations have hit it off rather well since moving back!) on a cold, snowy, wet, muddy day this past month. :)

Enjoying the Warmer Weather,








Michelle said...

Gorgeous, as always!

Hannah Taylor said...

That girl is the SPITTING IMAGE of you!

Abbi said...

So beautiful, my lovely friend!

Anonymous said...

Such gorgeous photos. Alton is lucky to have you!