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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Relish the Moments | Alton, Wood River, Edwardsville, Jerseyville Children's Photographer

Casey of Relish Designs and I got together again this morning for a second modeling shoot. You can see the first one here. I'm always delighted to showcase her work and my children continue to put up with us forcing them into adorable clothing and running them around in gorgeous park settings while in no way allowing them to play on the playground equipment! Poor Nolan and Noah joined us this time and both got completely ripped off as far as playtime goes. Just as we finished, one of my twins fell and gashed the back of his head open. Head wounds bleed. A lot. He's okay but that was the end of our fun. No pictures of the carnage though. LOL

As usual we paired my Hannah and Casey's daughter Reece. I love the way their completely different colorings set off against each other (and Casey did an AMAZING job pairing their clothing for this shoot!)Reece is as fair and delicate as they come with her wide blue eyes and pale golden ringlets. Set against my daughter's flashy copper hair and cat-like topaz eyes they make quite the stunning pair. Or at least, we think so... though we might be slightly biased. ;)


The girls have really become best friends. A relationship I encourage both because I love Reece's Mama so much and because Reece is the sweetest, most well behaved child I've ever met. She was born grown, as Casey likes to say.


Isn't that yummy? The light was NOT perfect today but when I snapped that image something magical happened! Another of her beautiful sapphire eyes


The bestie, looking annoyed with Mom and stunning even with crazy, wind whipped hair


She was not amused with me today... ;) That dress is a new design of Casey's that she made specifically for Hannah (I get paid for these modeling sessions in clothing!!!). It's called, of course, the "Hannah"!

This is Nolan:


He is Reece's little brother and man is he a sweetheart. I nearly grounded my children for being mean to him last night. Don't be mean to my little Nolan. *growl*



Notice the bow tie? Casey MAKES those. And she makes regular ties, too. Noah doesn't want to give it back:



I swear we keep modeling sessions fun and enjoyable for all involved. No children were bored in the making of this blog post...


Love the designs you see here? In addition to sewing both dresses and making the ties, Casey put together the entire cast of outfits you see. Everything from the hats to the shoes to the coordination across the outfits was created by Casey (you should see her beautifully decorated HOUSE!) Check her out on Etsy Facebook or at her Blog. And tell her Breathtaking sent you! I promise you will NOT be disappointed in your purchases!

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