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Monday, January 17, 2011

High School Buddies! | Alton, Godfrey, Bethalto Family Photographer

This is why I love Facebook. These girls were two of my best friends in high school but as often happens when people graduate and move onward into their lives, we lost touch. 15 years later we talk almost daily on that great social networking site called Facebook. And I love it. They both enrich my life and I'm very glad to have them around. Even more exciting is that when I move back to Alton (more coming on that soon in another blog post!) they will get to be IN PERSON friends... even better!

I went on a weekend trip (ALONE! Without kids!) in October and got to spend some time hanging out with them both. We had a fabulous evening enjoying the local nightlife which is something I rarely get to do as a mom of six! We met up the following day at a local community college which has the perfect grounds to use as photography backdrops. I suspect it will be a haunt of mine later this year.

Bethany has a cute little boy and a very sweet husband. She was still sporting an adorable baby bump back in October which eventually turned into a sweet baby girl named Evie (watch out for images of her little self this spring!). They were a blast to shoot as we have very similar personalities. That Lucas was a little ham. ;)




Next up was Nicole. Now, Nicole and I got into a lot of fun and a little bit of trouble in High School. Some of my fondest memories involve zooming around our little home town in her silver Jetta. She's just as much fun now as she was then. Love her. :)



And THIS little cutie!!! I think my daughters are going to love her to bits. She so totally has her mother's evil little gleam in her eye...



A favorite image:


Love you guys and I can't wait to be around more often! :)

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