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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Tiny and Determined | Dallas, Carrollton, Allen Newborn Photographer

"Determined" being code for "the hardest newborn I've ever run up against". My apprentice/friend Chelle often calls me "The Baby Whisperer" and clients are always commenting on how calm and patient I am when handling newborn babies. They pee, they poop, they cry, they fuss, they refuse to settle... but they always, always eventually give in and give me what I want. Usually fairly quickly and I've, um, gotten a little spoiled. Perhaps it's the six newborns of my own that I snuggled and rocked and shushed into deep slumber? Perhaps it's just an inborn ability. Whatever it is, I rarely have issues getting a baby to settle for a session...

And then I met Noah.

Noah didn't want to cooperate. I tried every trick up my sleeve. And then tried some more. Finally the only way it worked was that I would get him settled, snap two shots, and then have to start all over again. But he did give up some beautiful images....eventually... and I've never worked so hard for it in the three years I've been shooting newborns! Even the most difficult give in to me in the end. It's just a gift.

So here is Noah, in all his sweet baby glory:







Good goly he's sweet! Almost made me want another. Almost. ;)

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