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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Family Centered Birth {WIchita Birth Photographer}

I just spent a very long, very tiring, absolutely wonderful 24 hours at one of our local hospitals with my new favorite family. I knew I liked A and C already. I've done two maternity sessions with them and I think they are really great people. And now I know why! I got to hang out with both sets of parents and various siblings while we waited for Baby A to make his debut. And finally he came with much work and sacrifice on Mama's part. I know you're feeling hit by a truck right now you two, so I hope these make you feel just a tiny bit better.

And a little inside, slap happy, long labor joke: Yes, I really AM still nursing my 15 months old twins. Geez! ;)

At the hospital

A pretty petti

A book and a bath and a baby

A bit of a rest

Family Prayer


Hello sweet baby

Teeny Toes


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