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Sunday, November 29, 2009

A Day of Twins Part One | Wichita Baby Photographer

I had two, count them, two sessions with twins today. First up is a session with sweet Baby G. This kid has hair that just won't stop. Seriously. I wanted to eat him up! He's so snuggly and sweet. Mama really wanted some "sleeping baby" images but I had to warn her--two month olds sometimes just don't cooperate. Well, silly me! Baby G wanted his Mama to have what she wanted for Christmas. Isn't that sweet of him? Already treating his mother like the queen she rightly is! Check this out ya'll. It's Breathtaking....


Oh yeah. Aren't those some luscious eyelashes? Ready for more?


Oh man, this is some serious cuteness! And what 2 month old session would be complete without a bright eyed, cooing baby?


Grandma had to get in on the act (uh, sorry about that pee grandma...)


Yes, you read that right. G.R.A.N.D.M.A. Yes. I am just as in awe as you!

Now, about this point you're probably saying to yourself "what the heck does this post have to do with twins???"

Meet Baby G's twin cousins, K&K. I practically need to give these guys their own post; so full of personality were they. 2 year old twins? Eh, ask me in about a year how that's going...

We'll just call them Mr. Serious One and Mr. Serious Two


Oh wait, what's that you have Ms. Photographer? Bribes?


Hmmmm, I think yours looks better than mine...


Oh what fun this family was today! Thank you all so much for sharing the morning with me. I can't wait to get your kids sugared up....I mean, shoot these kiddos again! ;)


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