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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Swaddle Baby | Wichita Newborn Photographer

Top 2 reasons you should hire a newborn photographer in the first week of your baby's life (beside the gorgeous images you will cherish for a lifetime).

1) She might notice that your baby is tongue-tied and your nursing days will get a whole lot easier (it helps if your photographer is also a LLL attendee!)

2) She might also discover that your baby really, REALLY likes to be swaddled and napping will be forthcoming for the first time in six days.

Yes, yes, that's right, I am a multi-talented photog. ;)

First up, one of the sweetest nakey butt pics I've ever taken:


Then we discovered that Baby Girl A does NOT like to be naked. And hey, I can roll with the punches....



I can tuck your little arms out to make it seem like you're swaddled and still get my shot


Or we can just pile your crazy, rambunctious brothers on top of you and see if you can sleep through it swaddled (she did!)


Thanks guys. I had a tremendously enjoyable morning with you! :)

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