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Sunday, November 22, 2009

I Love This Family | Wichita Photographer

Spending 24 hours in a hospital with one family? You're either going to love 'em or hate 'em.

Well, I love 'em.

And I think I maybe have been adopted! That's just fine by me. Close knit, loving, fun. Yeah, I can handle that (and my own family is far, far away).

You've seen em here, here, here, here, and oh yeah, here. Whew! Told ya. They are "my" family now. All other photographers back off. ;)

Today I got to shoot the last of the cousins. I've now done portraits for all 5 grandsons this year. Super cool! These two were fun from the second I arrived. We threw rocks, played in the water, trampled through the mud, leapt from logs. Good times! Baby A even came out to see us (and uh, he's gotten HUGE!)What a delight to spend some quality time with some of my favorite people. In the SUN no less.



Hmmmm, yeah. We mighta stuck them in a tree and told them they couldn't get down til they smiled. Mr. E called our bluff. ;)


And once more I say, FUN family!


Thanks so much you guys. Love you!


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