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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Sweet P | Wichita Newborn Photographer

Sweet, sweet Baby P. Gosh, it was cold and gray today. I prayed all the way to my session this morning that they would have big OPEN windows and was so relieved upon arrival to find that they did. And they also had a darling Sweet Pea all snuggled up in her bassinet. Just 13 days old, she was a trooper during four hours of Mama and I harassing her. Come to think of it, Daddy was a trooper, too. ;) I really enjoyed collaborating with you Megan. I hope these images live up to your expectations.



The last shot is often one of the best, and this session was no exception. It was almost an after thought but I'm SO glad I took it.....


You can tell she's just glowing with the love for this baby girl, can't you? Thanks so much you guys, I'll have the rest for you shortly!


1 comment:

Harshes said...

These turned out really great Chantel! What a cute baby. :)