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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Sleeping Beauty | Wichita Newborn Photography

I had the grand pleasure of spending my morning with a teeny bit of baby girl and her very sweet Mama. I hear that she usually sleeps like a rock between 7-11am. Did she today? Nope! Because babies know when I'm on my way. The sense my coming with their little baby sixth sense and they decide that it's much more interesting to be awake and alert.


But they are no match for me and my baby whispering ways...


I have power over newborn babies. They are putty in my hands....


Or, well, it could be all the warm milk? Nah. It's me. Hmmmm..maybe I'm just boring?


Whatever it is, sleepy babies sure make pretty pictures don't they? I love my job! Thanks for allowing me to meet your precious baby girl, J. :)


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