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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Catching Up-Favorite Family! | Ft. Worth Family Photography

This family isn't actually from Ft. Worth, that's how behind I am on blogging sessions! ACK! I have to say, running a huge retreat weekend and moving 350 miles all while single parenting takes it out of a girl. My clients have already seen their sneaks on Facebook (and all of them have their disks, even!) but in the interest of putting my work online like a good girl and updating, here's a fun session I did in May! This family is one I've worked with twice in the past. K and I traded for an hour and a half long body massage and a little bit of money for her newborn session (and it was worth every stinkin minute I was there, check her out here if you're in Wichita) and then I did a shoot specifically for portfolio building images a few weeks later. She wanted to catch me before I moved so she snapped up on a special I ran and we met at the local nature trails.

Now, weather in Wichita in May is iffy (as it can be in DFW as well!) so the day we picked was perfectly lit with overcast skies but COLD and so poor C in her tiny dress was a bit on the chilly side. We did our best to warm her up but I'm afraid I didn't get many smiles! Mama will just have to trade me a massage for her one year session coming up soon. ;) And big brother T was quite the handful/ham! K had her babies 18 months apart (as ALL the best mothers j/k) so she has her hands full. Oh, if only I had a nickle for each time I hear that when I am out in public with my brood of six.....





Katy said...

Oh my goodness, I am sitting here with the biggest smile on my face! Never in a million years did I expect this post to be about my family! You have such a gift, Chantel. Thank you so much for sharing it with us!

pssstt...we are totally on for another trade if you're serious!!

CNH said...

Heck yeah I'm serious. Did you see I'm going to be in town in a week and a half? If that doesn't work I'm also planning to hit town for sessions in early October, too. :)