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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The Twins are NINE Months Old! | Ft. Worth-Dallas Baby Photography

Ok, not really. In fact, I'm heading up to Wichita to do their ONE YEAR smash/portrait session in like, oh, ten days. This is a catch up blogging moment-but the images are to die for. We split the session into two parts and with nine month old twins it was just as well. Sit still? Ha! First we did some with Big Sis Heather (who was my babysitter and I love her to bits) at the Botanical Gardens and then we did an in home studio session with Aunt Evy. I have so many faves I couldn't just pick a few...enjoy!



Keep an eye out in a few weeks.....cake smash fun times TWO adorable baby girls....I cannot WAIT! :)


Emy Rogers said...

Do you have any idea who they are when they are in their white outfits? I don't. Damn me for dressing them alike!

CNH said...

Yes, duh. Maddie is on the left of the bench, and Ellie is on the right side. I ALWAYS keep them that way! ;)