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Thursday, January 20, 2011

My Beautiful, Beautiful Babies | Dallas Children's Photographer

I'm a lucky lady. My plan was to have four children and I did that. In fact, I had four children in as many years. And then I was allll done. Having four children in four years is quite the logistical feat. But life had other plans and I became a mother of six quite by surprise. When I found out about my fifth pregnancy I was.... less than thrilled. In fact, I think the day the test went pink I actually cried. But then I got used to the idea and it started to grow on me. By the time we got to my 20 week prenatal appointment I was accepting that my life was going a different direction than what I had planned and I was ready to welcome another baby into our family.

And then, on that fateful day, my midwife leaned down to me in a private moment and said...

"Is there a chance your dates are off?"
"There's an awful lot of baby in there..."

Twins. Two babies. One boy and one girl. You could have knocked me over with a feather. Two babies.

And now they're almost three. Had someone asked me if I wanted to have twins and if I wanted to have them seventeen months after their older sister and if I wanted six children all aged six and under I would have laughed and asked them if I could have some of whatever they were smokin.

But we don't always know what's best for ourselves. And this is what I got out of the deal:



And the big sister who welcomed them with open arms and loves them to the very bottom of her big, big heart:


She and Claire are "best fends" :)


Lucky, lucky girl.


1 comment:

Bridge said...

It seems like years since I have checked your blog. Your twins are just darling! Your photography just beautiful. Hope life is well for you!